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Day #456: What a cruise really costs (update)

A common question in our conversations with our friends back home is: „Do you still have enough money?“ — „Well… that’s a long story….“ Could be an answer. But it isn’t.

Von einer Langzeitreise zu einem neuen Lifesyle

Nach 1,5 Jahren Reise haben wir uns an viele neue Dinge gewöhnt. Aber längst noch nicht an alle. Die 40.KW 2020 ist wert, aufgeschrieben zu werden...

Day #375: Confined in Isla Provedencia (before IOTA hits)

The family sailed six and a half days from Mexico to this tiny island in the West Caribbean, a hundred miles off the rough coast of Nicaragua. Provedencia is confined, and we are confined, too..

Day #356: A forced retreat during COVID-19

When the CORONA virus hit the world, we have been forced to stop sailing, forced on anchor. Our family together with our fellow-cruisers went into an Retreat, to say the least. In the retreat iour ambitions sometimes develop afresh.

Day #267 – A decision not to cross the Atlantic in 2020

While the World is in lock-down, neither traveling nor cruising is possible, reasonable or advisable. We could move with our boat across the oceans, but getting from A to B in the shortest time is for freighters, delivery crews or regatta boats, but not the point of our Atlantic Circle, right?
Luftaufnahme der Argo 20.05.2019

Tag #160: Was kostet eine Langzeitsegelreise über den Atlantik?

Genauso wie mit Seekrankheit muss man sich bei einer Langzeitsegelreise mit substanzieller finanziellen Unbill auseinandersetzen. Hier schreiben wir über Träume, ‚stop the bleeding‘ und Kostenstrukturen. Und die untergegangenen Träume in den Riffen von Le Marin/Martinique.

Tag #100 – Ein erstes Resümee: „Don’t rush, don’t push… busy is a choice“

Am 100. Tag unserer Reise liegen wir eingeweht auf La Gomera. Unsere Abfahrt zu den Kapverden verzögert sich. Zeit für Reparaturen am Boot, Wanderungen an Land. Sowie ein erstes Resümee unserer Reise. Leben wir den Traum? Sind wir im „Traumleben“ angekommen? Haben die Reiseeindrücke uns verändert? Werden wir alte Gewohnheiten los?
Restocking provisions in the Medina of Salé (Morocco)GoSeaborne

Day #69: Bye bye Morocco and five important learnings for cruisers

When we considered Morocco the first time as a sailing destination and we started our planning using the obvious websites (noonsite.com and the like), we remained quite ambiguous, doubtful and we were questioning if Morocco is a good destination for cruising boats.

Day #52 (Mohammedia) – A little regata? Waiting for the cold front to pass

After restocking provisions and refueling - and saying goodbye to many new friends in Sale/Rabat, we stopped on our way further south in Mohammedia to wait for a wind shift. We got plenty of time to experience and reflect on the Moroccan boarder and customs procedures.