Navigational reports of the Atlantic Circle for cruisers covering Morocco, Canaries, Antilles, Carribean, Cuba, Bermudas, Azores


Day #375: Confined in Isla Provedencia (before IOTA hits)

The family sailed six and a half days from Mexico to this tiny island in the West Caribbean, a hundred miles off the rough coast of Nicaragua. Provedencia is confined, and we are confined, too..

Day #358: The eye of a hurricane heads towards Yucatan

ARGO is currently anchored inside the warning cone of a potential hurricane. The abundance of information still requires a decision and bailout plans
Sailing_waterdog Vu(c) GoSeaborne

Day #87 – Atlantic feelings on the Windward Canarian Islands and engine economy

We sail with the NE tradewinds to the westerly Canarian Islands and enjoy the relaxed Santa Cruz de Tenerifa. And we perform scheduled engine maintenance and reflect on engine costs.
Restocking provisions in the Medina of Salé (Morocco)GoSeaborne

Day #69: Bye bye Morocco and five important learnings for cruisers

When we considered Morocco the first time as a sailing destination and we started our planning using the obvious websites ( and the like), we remained quite ambiguous, doubtful and we were questioning if Morocco is a good destination for cruising boats.

Day #52 (Mohammedia) – A little regata? Waiting for the cold front to pass

After restocking provisions and refueling - and saying goodbye to many new friends in Sale/Rabat, we stopped on our way further south in Mohammedia to wait for a wind shift. We got plenty of time to experience and reflect on the Moroccan boarder and customs procedures.
Atlantic Ocean from TangerGoSeaborne

Day #46 (Morocco) – How easy is Morocco for cruisers?

Despite different experiences in Tanger and Morocco twenty years ago, we are very happy in Morocco. In this post Steffen reports about marinas in Morocco and the specifics of coastal navigation in Morocco.